River 1

River 1 - Fundamental River SUP Paddling & Safety Skills

"Understanding of how to “read” moving water and use the features of the river environment to get you safely and efficiently to where you want to be. ”
River SUP fundamentals include advanced flatwater skills such as acceleration techniques, running turns, off-side stroke, bracing and moving around on your board as well as specialized skills such as eddy turns, ferries, and running small standing waves.
This course gives you a full day, plus a half on the water! That’s the time you need to get fully acquainted with this new set of skills, along with enough paddling time to develop some comfort on the water and an understanding of how to “read” moving water, and use the features of the river environment, to get you safely and efficiently to where you want to be. A key aspect of any river course is safety, awareness and self-rescue skills. We address these throughout all aspects of our River 1 course.

Is this the course for you?

If you are a fairly solid flatwater paddler and have completed one of our Core Skills programs or equivalent then you are ready to get out on the river with your SUP board!

Our River 1 course takes more time than some other courses out there. Why? Because the River is a new environment and it takes time to learn and practice everything you need to know to become a competent river paddler! If you want to really learn how to river paddle - start here with us!

More Detail...

  • Prerequisites: Intented for paddlers with previous experience who have taken one of our Core SUP Skills programs or equivalent training and have logged enough paddle time that you feel comfortable on the water.
  • Includes: a combined 9 hours (over two days) of dryland and on-water SUP instruction from certified and experienced Paddle Canada instructors.
  • 1: 4 Instructor to Student ratio: giving you the best in personalized instruction and feedback
  • All technical paddling gear: – please see our Gear and Clothing tab.

Please note that the course does not include personal clothing or gear, food, or travel – please see our Gear and Clothing tab.

Course Cancellation: It is rare that we cancel a session due to weather considerations however we will do so if, in our judgement, the conditions are dangerous or are likely to present a poor learning environment.

Course Agenda and Curriculum

  • Friday evening: Flatwater Crossover Skills - Acceleration techniques, dynamic turning strokes, moving around on your board, pivots and bracing
  • Saturday morning: river equipment and safety gear, river features and hydraulics, safety talk and self rescue, group organization, basic ferries and eddy turns
  • Saturday Afternoon: River run! We complete a vehicle shuttle during lunch break and put together a river run through Canmore on the Bow where we work hard on more advanced ferries and eddy turns, reading the river and route finding and selection.
  • Lots and lots of practice, feedback and fun throughout!
Attention: Although we do our best to work through all course content, please note that logistics, location, timing, itinerary or anything else, may be adjusted by your instructor to ensure group safety, comfort and success, over the duration of the course.

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