The Badfish 10'6 MVP

From whitewater to mellow float, always spectacular!

The river is calling!

Badfish Stand Up Paddle is without doubt the leader in river and whitewater stand up paddle board design. Their technical whitewater and river surf boards like the 9’ MVP, Innegra River Surfer and the inflatable Rivershreds are the class of the River SUP scene! But we’d like to highlight a board that doesn't get much of the limelight and yet is a class act in its own right - the MVP 10’6!

I have been paddling the 10’6 MVP as part of the fleet here at Bearfoot Performance Paddling for several seasons now. Love this board and think that it is pretty much the ultimate all-round mountain hard board!

What makes it so great?

At 10’6 x 32 this is a board that is stable beyond its dimensions with great initial and secondary stability! I use it as one of my main teaching boards - you can almost literally just wander around on it. When guest instructing where I don't bring my own boards I always like to have the 10’6 along. Several times I have switched out clients from other boards where they were having stability and balance issues and onto the MVP where those issues disappeared and made it easier to focus on learning!

A hallmark of the MVP 10’6 is versatility. The Badfish tag line for this board is “Jack of all trades, Master of Fun!”. I have paddled and surfed and toured and taught on this board in a lot of locations. For Class 1 and 2 rivers it is a beautifully performing board with technical prowess! You can really weight this board onto the downstream rail and carve out eddy turns or hold a tight ferry line! It works better than any other board I have played with in this type of water. You definitely have to shift weight back to run even small standing waves so not to bury the nose but once you know that it's a pretty smooth ride.


For River and ocean surfing the 10’6 is actually pretty nice on a longer wavelength. And I even had her going on the upper waves at Sturgeon falls at low water a while back! On the right wave it's a smooth and yet responsive ride - yes you can carve this board! We even had her on a wave that you could not get onto with the River surfer and barely hold with the 9’ MVP. But on the 10’6 it was a blast! And finally for flatwater touring around, the 10’6 MVP is obviously not going to be the outright fastest board, but it does have a decent cruising speed, easy to get there and nice glide to maintain. The other morning puttering around exploring Vermillion lakes I stopped paddling to look at the scenery. Thirty seconds later I was still gliding along slowly. Not bad…


"For Class 1 and 2 rivers it is a beautifully performing board with technical prowess!“

If there was one thing I'd like to see with the MVP it would be lighter overall weight. It's not a monster or anything but you know it's there! But in exchange for that weight you sure get some toughness! The innegra construction in my experience is all it's made out to be. A couple seasons back I was carrying down to the Kananaskis after the flood and a big last step on an eroded staircase resulted in me banging the tail of the board off of a big nasty boulder.


It was like a gunshot bang literally echoeing down the river! And I immediately thought ‘Oh man!..damn! I guess it's back up to the car to find some repair stuff’. I gingerly set the board down on the river rocks to inspect the damage - and could not find a single thing! Nothing. Just the lightest scratch which could have been there before. So… for a mountain board, she’s tough enough for our rocky shorelines and rivers no doubt!
Jack of all trades? Yup. Master of Fun? Yup. When you can take your board almost anywhere and still have a great time - that's fun! I think the MVP is the unsung hero of the Badfish line. The ultimate mountain board. Stability, versatility and toughness - combined with beautiful lines like no other board out there - that's the 10’6 MVP!
"Once you have discovered SUP on the river, it will be hard to go back to the lake!"