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Stand up paddle touring is really the simplest, and yet most exhilarating way to get out and explore the waterways of our blue planet home!
Neil Gilson

Open Water SUP touring can be as relaxing or as challenging as you want to make it, from puttering around exploring sheltered waters to high adventure on open coastal waters!

Touring around on your SUP board is a fantastic way to get outside and onto the water!
Stand up paddle day touring requires a minimum of gear, the equipment is light and easy to get back and forth to the water, and on and off your vehicle. Because of your height above water, the views into and across the water are far better than from a canoe or kayak.

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One of the great things about stand up paddling is that pretty much anyone, within a few minutes, can be standing up on a board and “make it go”. But if you are heading out on your SUP board and you are going to be out of sight of your put-in spot, or more than a few minutes away from getting to safety in the event of changing weather or water conditions, then you need to start thinking in a touring mindset.
We see way too many folks out there on the water, literally hours away from their vehicle, or from easy access off of the water to safety, who have minimal skills, no spare clothing or gear, and are utterly unprepared to deal with any sort of incident or delay!
Stand up paddle touring can take you to some amazing places whether it’s a local day trip close to home, a vacation adventure, or to remote multi-night adventures on rivers, lakes and coastal waterways. No matter where, or for how long, or how far you are going there are a few key skills and approaches to stand up paddle touring that will keep you safe, ensure that you meet your objectives, and help you have more fun and enjoyment along the way!

Bearfoot SUP touring courses cover the skills and content to get you thinking in a touring mindset from risk and hazard evaluation, to on-water route decisions and trip management. And we help you develop the skills and knowledge that you need for touring – an efficient forward stroke, and the ability to paddle in wind and waves!
"Paddle strokes on a calm lake, navigating a kelp forest, or a trip down river - where will your tour take you?"